Shares trading or investment? – Most people think when it comes to exchange of high and quick profits by buying and selling securities. Banks, brokers and trading platforms advertise with accessible to everyone opportunities to participate in the securities market and make a profit like the pros. In the stock market news is mostly about daily rate changes. Market experts give recommendations on stocks and their future price movements . Traders are faced with the question of whether the better returns can be achieved by trading or by long-term investing. Since man wants to get rich quick, he tries the short-term trading. For many, it remains the attempt. Here, investors have proven this comprehensive etoro review that a stock portfolio can bring more success in the long run.

The most important thing for you at a glance

  • Success with stocks as an investor and trader
  • Money multiplies passive (investment) or active (trade)
  • Profit in the long run or faster profit in a short time
  • Equity investor earned permanently with good company
  • Daytrading – profit from short-term price movements



  • Equity Investment or trading? Which strategy is right for you?
  •  Significant differences between Trader and Investor
  •  FAQ – three questions about the share trading
  •  Conclusion: Make Passive or active income Equity Investment or Trading


What Trader type am I? Rather investor or speculator?

I want to be an investor or speculator – what traders type am I? © goodluz – Fotolia

There are only two types of successful traders in the stock market in the longer term. Some are long-term investors and other short-term berthing Day and swing traders. The change between the two types dealer (stock investing and trading stocks) is not crowned in all cases of success.

One reason is the different mentality of traders. One is more a player who likes to make decisions impulsively. The other is calm and deliberate trade. Decisions he meets until he has thought long enough about it. The two mentalities can not unite.

I want to be an investor or speculator – what traders type am I ? This fundamental question every trader needs to be answered. That should about to happen at the beginning of a trader career, because depends to a large extent on the answer should Here is a review of IQ Option be as considered markets and analyzed. Secondly, it is about finding and defining suitable trading strategies for their own goals.

Share investing and speculating: What does that mean?

One of the most important investors is Warren Buffett . He is convinced that stock markets will rise in the medium and long term. Buffett invests in companies that are undervalued in his opinion, stroking dividends and other distributions and holding back the sale until the prices rise. With an achieved over time assets of more than 66 billion US dollars (2015), shows the buffet business model as successfully invest and wait on the stock markets.

Those who invest money in stocks, you need a lot of patience. The stock market is known to be a two way street. Investors want to endure negative phase with losses, it takes years of patience may have. A great deal of work he has not stuck to its investment. His money he will earn the right stocks in the long run. The withdrawal should still prepare for the long term.

Invest in CFDs – is that possible?

If you want to earn quick money trading stocks, sign up for a CFD broker. Invest You do CFD Trader course. To do so, the CFD positions ( What are CFDs ?) Keep appropriate length. Ideally, you trade with a broker that can do at index CFDs without financing costs. DAX investors is Ethereum Code a legitimate website who bought 2,013 DAX certificates in the spring, achieved by April 2015. The 50 percent profit or more than 4,200 points.

Speculate as trading style

On Speculate will do, if that investing is too monotonous. You want to enter as soon as possible big profits. Just as the stock trading you can CFD and  learn forex trading . For a speculative trading style is George SorosWhich is even considered king of speculators. He became known and rich in 1992 when he successfully placed a bet against the British pound. The case earned a billion dollars makes him a role model among speculative-oriented traders. As a trader with a speculative trading style you will not want to keep such long positions in comparison with investors. As a trader, you are constantly trying to take a small part of the development. Before the next pullback to get out there Read this review and find out if plus500 is a scam with your winnings. You trade per trade but with higher stakes and far more common than an investor. Your workload is correspondingly high.

Dealer or trader can depending on the investment horizon into four categories divided:

  • Position traders – investment period several months or years
  • Swing traders – investment period several days or weeks
  • Day Trader – Investment period of one day (not overnight)
  • Scalp Trader – investment period a few seconds or minutes


You must decide if you want to earn money in stocks as an investor or trader. When share investment, you benefit from a passive money Mehrung. In trading, you only make money when you are trading. As a trader you must actively work to ensure that your money increases. Within a short time, you can earn a lot of money, but also lose at least as likely. Since an Equity Investment may well be associated with high risk, profits are not guaranteed.

Shares trading chart analysis

Shares trading – Charts are important


Equity Investment or trading? – These are two very different methods for making money in the stock market .

  • As an investor, you are long-term oriented. The perspective of traders ranging from the short to medium term maximum.
  • As an investor you are looking for public companies in which an investment is worthwhile.
  • When searching for suitable stocks look at the fundamentals closely. As a trader you are interested primarily in technical signals. They use charts and indicators.
  • Investors rely solely on rising prices (long only) because they want to benefit from capital appreciation. Traders bet on all course developments. That includes setting an on falling prices.
  • If you invest, uses charts only as one of many sources of information. Unlike in trading where charts is extremely important.
  • The Stock Invest it comes with on the timing, the Stock Trading the right timing is everything.
  • For the investor fees play a subordinate role, because they do not often arise. When shares trading fees are often so high that traders fail.
  • Investors need economic and financial knowledge. In trading, economic knowledge is hard to use. Here it depends on analytical skills.
  • Who buys a stock sometimes, does not need sophisticated technical infrastructure. A system traders need a good computer PC and a stable Internet connection. Professional day traders can protect yourself additionally in which they hold a second Internet connection.

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